This is a definition of the keywords used within this project to describe the functionality and operations of the application.

Term Meaning
Pattern The input string defining the template that will be used to generate all permutations.
Permutation One of the resulting strings from the generated pattern.
Symbol A symbol identifies a literal string including the symbol delimiters and all text inside them.
Token The literal string inside a symbol (thus excluding) the delimiter prefix and suffix, but including the divisor character.
Variable (token) A specialized token identifying permutable string(s).
Reference (token) A specialized token identifying a reference to a variable token. The variable tokens are zero-based indexed and a reference token can only reference a variable token, not other reference tokens.

The variable token is a string which consists of "variable members", e.g. a list of distinct elements that are permutable.

The reference token consists of one or two parts: an "identifier" and optionally a list of conditional "reference members". The reference token's identifier is the first distinct element in the reference token, indicating the zero-based index of the variable token to reference. Note that the identifier can only be a positive number. The reference token's members is a list of distinct elements of a reference token, following the reference identifier and a divisor. These are used to replace the contents of a referenced variable member. Note that the number of reference members must exactly match the number of variable members of the reference variable token.

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