Suggested Features

This is simply a list of possible future features.


  • Add sorting possibilities (based on the variables).
  • Command Line Interface.
  • Add actual permutation (as defined in mathematics).
  • Option: Converting literals to all capitals, no capitals, camel cased etc.
  • Option: Use padding (e.g. fill each member with whitespace until all members (of that variable) have the same size).
  • Upgrade the permutator to be able to handle more than Int32.MaxValue permutations.

User interface

  • Color code the results (i.e. the members of the current combination).
  • Add individual coloring for each variable.
  • Add context-menus.
  • Show line numbers.
  • Display the line number in the status bar when the input cursor is in the result box.
  • Detect if any changes have been made to the pattern (with accompanying logics for handling this).
  • Add undo-capability in the pattern box.

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